Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Queen of Country Becomes a Clothing Sensation (she loves her bling!)

Singer, actress, Broadway sensation— and yes, fashion designer!— Reba McEntire, came by The Thread to talk about her number one album and who has the best country music style.

Reba’s collection (available at Dillard's) reflects the way she likes to dress every day—lots of denim, soft, cotton t-shirts embellished with a little bling. The cuts of her separates are forgiving and flattering, which we love. A crisp, white button-down, for example, is gathered at the small of the back to avoid the blousy-look; stitching along the edges gives it even more flair.

When we asked her who has the best style in country music Carrie Underwood got the nod. (We knew Reba had good taste.) But she's also got lots of love for another idol alum, former tour-mate, Kelly Clarkson. Reba even credits Kelly with inspiring her to amp up the sass quotient on her new album “Keep on Loving You”, which has already reached #1 on the Billboard Top 200.

More about Reba's new album from Y! Music.

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