Thursday, September 10, 2009

What's Your Hair Dream?

For years and years, I have been a blond. A nice, golden blond color has been my friend for as long as I can remember. Month after month and year after year, my roots would start to call. Time for a run to the drugstore and purchase my blond dye kit; time to hide what is dark. Yay! Although I couldn't stand the sight of this truth from beneath my scalp, hubby loved to see the real me. This sight of truth didn't make me look so prim and proper and I think he likes when I look a little dirty. Hey, to each their own...

After years of trying to hide my dark roots, I'm beginning to embrace them instead of hide them away in my head. This is not an easy task. Once your hair has been bleached for as long as mine has, the hair is very porous. That means the darker hair color has a harder time grasping the hair strand, in turn leaving me at first try with green hair. After another bottle of dark brown color it looked a little better but each time I wash my hair, the color fades back to blond. I'm going to keep trying.

The decision has been a long time in the making. The saying "blonds have more fun," could be defiantly looked into. When your hair is blond, I swear men will hang their bodies out of a car to get a look at you. You could be stopped in traffic and see a man driving his car the opposite way and they will literally fall out of the car to see this blond person. I'm tired of this. Look at somebody else. I'm busy over here.

My mother was a blond for many years before she wanted to try the "red look". She loved it and did this look for awhile. Early in the summer when she visited her hairstylist, he asked her what she wanted to do this season. For some reason , she told him to take her back blond. Never really loving this look again, she plans on returning to her red hair the next time she visits him. As we talked about this color change she embarked on, she laughed to tell me of men hanging their heads out of turning cars just to get a peek at this woman in blond. When she was a red head, no one looked.

I have to say that Emmanuelle Chriqui's character as Sloan on Entourage has been a huge inspiration of mine for the transformation of blond back to my roots. Also Jessica Lowndes from 90210 has also been inspirational.

Do you have a hair dream of the moment? Has it been inspired in anyway?

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