Thursday, September 10, 2009

Retro Hands-On Cell Phone Accessories

Phoning the Old Fashioned Way for Those Who Hate Headsets

No matter how well-styled or low-profile Bluetooth headsets become, some people just can't bring themselves to wear them. If you're a headset hater, we've found a couple of cell phone accessories that take a hands-on approach.

First there's the Yubz Talk Mobile corded handset ($39.95), which connects to a cell phone via an adapter and features a one-touch answer button. Yubz claims that in addition to cutting down on background noise, the Talk Mobile handset also reduces exposure to radiation -- or at least worrying about it.

Next, is the Bluetooth Mini Phone ($49) we discovered via CNET Asia. It's a small Bluetooth handset that comes with a lanyard so that you never have to fumble for your cell phone when it rings -- or look like you're talking to yourself after you answer it, as with a Bluetooth headset.

It's available only in the U.K. for now, but we expect to see this handy Bluetooth accessory stateside soon -- and more backlash against the much-maligned Bluetooth headset.

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