Monday, September 7, 2009

Style and the Real Woman: Aviator-Inspired Looks for Less

The fall 2009 Hermes collection that propelled down the runway has inspired us to channel our inner Amy Johnson, a pilot in the 1930s whose runway accomplishments made her almost as well known as Amelia Earhart, and a record breaking trendsetter. The collection was filled with aviation-inspired pieces such as fur-collared bombers, leather jumpsuits, ultra-slimming suede boots, and Kelly bags. Pioneer your own jet-setting look this fall.
Check Out More of Fall's Hottest Trends on a Budget

1) Delias Kieran Bomber Jacket, $79.50, at
2) Ricardo Beverly Hills Aviator Hat, $59.95, at
3) Calvin Klein Sheer Orange Button-up Shirt, $48.30, at
4) Topshop Leather Three Bow Strand Belt, $65, at
5) Noble Youth Burgandy Wide Leg Trouser at
6) J.Crew Toscana Shearling Gloves, $150, at
7) Fred Flare Round-Framed Sunglasses, $11, at
8) Forever21 Flying Rose Hoop Earrings, $5.80, at
9) Ecote Suede Studded Clutch, $14.99, at
10) Ombres 5 Lumieres, $56, at
11) Aldo Parrin Leather Cut Out Boots, $100, at

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