Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Cheryl Cole: I’m sure people have had enough of me being me

Cheryl Cole is adored by the nation yet she doesn't seem to think what she's done in her career so far is enough. No, she's not mad she just wants to produce the best music and videos for her fans possible, aww!
cheryl coleCheryl Cole talks about her hope for Under the Sun video. Copyright [VIVA]

Viva have released special behind-the-scenes footage of Cheryl Cole on the set of the Under the Sun video which features the star explaining why she's changed direction in the latest video.
cheryl coleCheryl has her say on the video. Copyright [VIVA]
WATCH Cheryl Cole behind-the-scenes on set of Under the Sun
She said: "I'm sure they've [the public] had enough of me being me for 10 years.
"So to see me playing a character and to see me in a different way [in the Under the Sun video] should hopefully be fun."

It most definitely was Cheryl!
cheryl coleCheryl is full of energy on set. Copyright [VIVA]
And she appeared to have plenty of fun on set too, in the behind-the-scenes video the brunette beauty was in her element next to two topless men and who can blame her!
"To give the video a bit of edge we got two naked guys in — it's cool," she said with a coy smile.
cheryl coleCheryl is her usual gorgeous self on set. Copyright [VIVA]
After performing a part with her being pulled in chains, she said: "It's midnight and they're dragging me around by my armpit, there's nothing glamourous here but it could be worse, I'm on the street with two hot bodies!"
cheryl coleThe guys are captivated by the singer. Copyright [VIVA]
cheryl coleCheryl was pleased to be working with some buff boys. Copyright [VIVA]
WATCH Cheryl Cole behind-the-scenes on set of Under the Sun part 2
But the real hot bod has to go to Cheryl who received endless praise from the crew on set particularly the choreographer, Fatima Robinson who said:
"Cheryl is such an amazing dancer, an amazing performer all the way around the camera loves her and she lights up in front of the camera she makes my job very easy.
"She has something inside of her which just connects with the camera her eyes are amazing."
That they are!

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