Monday, August 6, 2012

Kate Middleton, did you have a sneaky blow dry to perfect your hair halfway through Olympics?

Kate Middleton never has a hair out of place, right? Well we thought so too until photos emerged of the stunning Duchess at the Olympics yesterday sporting beautiful (but less bouncy) beach waves that were a refreshing change to her usual heavily coiffed style.
kate middletonKate Middleton appeared to have a hair touch up at the Olympics yesterday. Copyright [Getty]

As Kate Middleton watched the men's gymnastics in the morning she wore her brunette locks in a more natural style with a loose wave to her mane. She continued the casual theme with a navy fleece with red piping.
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And this is a look we love! But our thoughts weren't shared with the royal…
kate middletonKate Middleton plays with her hair during the gymnastics, is she dying for a blow dry? Copyright [Getty]
During the women's handball later in the evening the Duchess of Cambridge clearly had a session with a hair stylist (or some clever rollers) as she emerged with a beautiful bouncy barnet.
kate middletonKate's look gets the thumbs up from team omg! Copyright [Getty]
In place of the tousled tresses sat large curls which framed her flawless face and to match her new hair she wore a navy polo shirt.
These photos prove once again however she has her hair K-Middy always looks perfect *sighs*. But we have sought some comfort in the fact that even she appeared to have had a 'half-time' blow dry.
kate middletonKate was animated during the games. Copyright [Getty]
And we certainly don't blame her — with every pap poised to take her photo having your hair done at the Olympics is totes acceptable, right?
Hair aside, Kate was her usual gorgeous self throughout the day and was animated during the games, waving her hands in the air, cheering and clapping.
kate middleton olympicsKate was joined by Princes William and Harry.
Well we would too if we'd been flanked by Prince William and Harry (oh that and the amazing number of gold medals team GB won).

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