Wednesday, August 8, 2012

‘Kate Middleton is down to earth’ says royal friend Ben Fogle

Kate Middleton is adored by almost everyone and not only for her formidable fashion credentials or for the way she's revolutionized the royal family.
kate middletonKate MIddleton's pal Ben Fogle says she's 'kind'. Copyright [WENN]

It's her active involvement with countless charities that is helping to win the public's affection, and her husband's friend, Ben Fogle who also attended the royal wedding has given us a glimpse into the girl behind the perfect hair and spectacular style.
Ben told omg!: "People are obsessed with Kate because she's accessible. Her and William are very down to earth, generous and kind people."
Aww — we knew it!

And for a tiny bit more of an insight into life as a royal, we quizzed Ben on what he'd do if he hung out with Kate and Will.
"Go on an anti poaching patrol in Africa," the outdoors-loving presenter told us.
While on the subject of the Duchess, Ben shared his experience at Kate and Wills' big day last year.
"It was an amazing day that I'll never forget," he told us. "I love the fact that my unborn daughter was also able to attend inside my wife's tummy."
kate middleton prince williamKate Middleton and Prince William were dubbed down to earth by ben. Copyright [WENN]
But it looks as if his children won't be following in their father's footsteps forging out a career post a reality TV show.
Ben is against his offspring starring in a programme such as Made In Chelsea:
"If they really wanted to [appear on MIC], given that I was on a reality show myself it would be a bit rich to say no, but I might try to persuade them against it."
When we asked if it was a true depiction of life of privileged people, he was straight to the point telling us: "Not one I've ever seen."
ben fogleBen Fogle is the ambassador for the Barefoot Wine Beach Rescue Project
Something Ben is passionate about though is the state of the UK beaches as he urges people to keep them clean.
He told us: "We love our beaches, we use our beaches, but we also sometimes ignore the litter on our beaches. Every time you see a piece of litter, don't think someone else will pick it up, pick it up yourself."
Ben Fogle is the ambassador for the Barefoot Wine Beach Rescue Project. For information, visit

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