Saturday, August 18, 2012

Jordan tweets Leandro Penna’s crotch, then ignores him at Total Recall premiere

Katie Price tweeted a picture of her fiancee, Leandro Penna's crotch just hours before she managed to ignore him to pose on the red carpet.
Jordan is a professional poser and won't be distracted. Copyright: [rex]

Leandro tried his best to distract his fiancée, puckering up for a quick kiss, but Jord was far from interested.
Ever the professional, Katie was happy to pose with her man, but kept her eyes on the photographers at all time.
Then she went solo to do what she does best: strike a mean pose.
Jordan is a posing pro. Copyright: [rex]
However, while we admire her posing skills, we are not too crazy about her outfit.
Jordan looked like a rodeo tribute to Sandy from Greece as she tripped up the white carpet in spandex leggings and fringed boots.

However, Miss Price did end up being upstaged by one lady.
No, not Jessica Biel.
Rather, this cheeky actress who turned up wearing well, very little actually.
We needs clothes, eh? Copyright: [rex]
After a little digging we can tell you she is Rebecca Ferdinando and has acted in Holby City. She also doesn't like clothes very much.
Earlier in the day, Jordan was obviously a bit more interested in Leandro after she tweeted this picture of his, er, bulge.
Yes, Jordan really tweeted this. Copyright: [Twitter/MissKatieprice]
Yes, this really happened.
Er, talk about too much information!
While we will admit Leo if fit, we don't really want to see that much of him, thanks!
Katie later deleted the pic after it would seem much of her Twitter following agreed us that Leandro's crotch is just one of those things we didn't need to see!

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