Saturday, August 18, 2012

Made In Chelsea’s Kimberley Garner: Spencer Matthews and Louise Thompson will get back together

Made In Chelsea has only just started filming, but we can already reveal that Spencer Matthews' return will be sensational although it looks likely he'll fall back into the arms of his ex, Louise Thompson.

Kimberley Garner spoke to omg! at the London premiere of Total Recall last night and she told us she thinks the pair's romance will be rekindled very soon…

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When asked if she think they'll get back together, the blonde beauty told us: "Oh yeah definitely. They're really sweet together I really like her, I hope they get back together."
Aww, that's sweet of her to say! But she doesn't reckon it'll be a smooth make up as she added: "Oh, there's always drama and if there isn't drama they make it up."
made in chelseaKimberley predicts Spencer and Louise will get back together on the next series. Copyright [WENN]
What? Some of MIC is slightly scripted oh em gee, we'd never have known… *giggles*
Despite falling out with some of her co-stars, Kimberley only has praise for Spencer saying:
"I love Spencer so I think it's great for him to return, I really liked him on The Bachelor, I think he did an amazing job."
Something else she hopes to do an amazing job is the fashion collection she's currently working on, although she won't be asking Mille Mackintosh to model for her, she has other plans…
Kimberley added: "I'd like Kate Moss to model my fashion line, she's so edgy and cool and everything she wears is so fabulous."
Amen to that.

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