Monday, August 13, 2012

Olympic Closing Ceremony: The Spice Girls amaze us, then party until the sun comes up

Last night, The Spice Girls were officially back!
All five Spices performed. Copyright: [rex]

Yep, for all of about four minutes we were all transported back to 1997 minus the platform trainers.
And next time, please just leave us there.
All five girls were reunited for a very special performance of 'Wannabe' and 'Spice Up Your Life' at the Olympic ceremony.

We honestly thought we were going to need a lie down we got so excited. We remembered every single word, including Mel B's rap.
Plus, how amazing did they all look?
All the girls looked thrilled to be part of the show, and even Victoria managed to crack a smile.
Posh the pop star! Copyright: [rex]
However, Posh maintained her post Spice fashionista credentials by looking fab in a Giles Deacon strapless gown.
Everyone is the crowd loved it from Kate Middleton Boris Johnson. We always knew he was a Spice Boy.
Plus, even David Cameron was spotted throwing a few shapes in the stands.
Following the performance, all the Spices seemed chuffed with the show.
Victoria tweeted this snap of the girls after the show. Copyright: [Victoria Beckham]
Geri tweeted: 'That was amazing!!!! Thank you all , we love you!!xx'.
VB tweeted: 'We did it!! I love u girls so much!!!!! xxx vb' and later, 'I was a pop star for the night!'
Er, Vic in case you forgot — you were a pop star for most of a decade.
Posh even tweeted a pic of herself literally fresh from the stage with the message:
'Photo taken JUST off stage and totally overwhelmed. Thank you so much to all of our AMAZING fans, I love u,VB x'
VB posted this pic of her fresh from the performance. Copyright: [Victoria Beckham]
The girls made sure they carried on the party long after their performance and tweeted this picture of Scary, Ginger and Baby still going strong into the daylight.
Probably about the time we got up for work, incidentally.
Three out of five Spices plus a Gallagher. Copyright: [Emma Bunton]
Emma posted the pic with the caption: 'Party till the break of dawn, and Mel is still in in her outfit!'
Go hard or go home, eh? Obviously Posh and Sporty couldn't hack it while Liam Gallagher was more than happy to stand in for them.
Mel B also tweeted a series of snaps at around 2am, saying the girls were off to party. However, Victoria didn't feature in any.
Where is Posh? Copyright: [twitter/Mel B]
Still, perhaps she was taking the snaps.
Or maybe she just looks scarily like Liam Gallagher after she takes her stage makeup off...

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