Thursday, August 16, 2012

Ooo! Cheryl Cole has a fit new boyfriend! We wonder someone’s told Ashley Cole?

Cheryl Cole is dating her dancer Tre Holloway, making him her first proper boyf since she dumped ex hubby Ashley Cole.
Tre is one of Chezza's dancers. Copyright: [rex]

We thought she had a bit of a loved up glow over on Daybreak the other morning, and now we know why!
Cheryl Cole has been spotted out on two dates with Tre Holloway and that's just this week.
On Monday they were seen on a double date with Kimberly Walsh and her boyf and the pair were spotted out again last night going for dinner in London.
And with scant regard for the three date rule, last night Tre was seen going into Chezz'a hotel for a nightcap!
Tre is Chezza's first boyf since Ashley. Copyright: [rex/Facebook]
A source told The Sun: "It's going really well, they really like each other".
An onlooker in the restaurant said they pair seemed super close and got along really well.
"Several times Cheryl leaned in to him and touched his knee as they spoke. There was definitely a spark there."
The pair have known each other for a while as American Tre is one of Chezza's backing dancers, however, it's only recently they have decided they are more than just friends.

Tre is also believed to be one of's mates.
The pair have reportedly been inseparable since being reunited at Cheryl's 29th birthday party in Las Vegas last month.
We couldn't be more chuffed at the thought Cheryl might be proper loved up again.
Especially with a fit dancer like Tre.
Tre and Chezza sitting in a tree, K-I..
..OK, probably best to stop there, but you get the idea.

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