Friday, September 21, 2012

Anne Hathaway and Sarah Jessica Parker wear ridiculously long trains, but who wore it best?

Anne Hathaway and Sarah Jessica Parker both wore some gorgeous gowns to the NY Ballet last night: but the question is: who wore their flowy gown the best?
We hope they managed to rope in a train holder! Copyright: [wenn]

Sarah and Anne were rocking their floor length creations at the Annual New York City Ballet's grand gala.
But for a minute there we thought we were back at the Royal wedding, would you check out the length of those trains?

Only a celeb could get away with gowns like these, we love them both but just where could us mere mortals get away with either?
We reckon we would get some dodgy looks if we rocked up to Nandos in either or, and plus the train would probably just get stuck in the doors on the Tube.
These aren't dresses, they are challenged on Britain's Next Top Model. Copyright: [wenn]
We have to say that if these are headed to the high street then we are in trouble, we can't afford a train holder and these almost definitely will equate to a broken neck.
They look like something off of a challenge on Britain's Next Top Model aka designed to trip you up, literally.
Still potential broken bones aside and back to the question in hand: who wore their ridic train the best, Anne or Sarah?

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