Friday, September 21, 2012

Harry Styles tries his luck with Natalie Imbruglia at James Corden’s wedding

Harry Styles' is reported to have chatted up Natalie Imbruglia at their mutual pal, James Corden's wedding.
Harry is believed to have said Natalie is 'amazing'. Copyright: [wenn]

Yep, Harry is believed to have worked his charms on 37 year old Natalie, and the pair were seen chatting and giggling throughout the night.
Incredibly, the pair are reported to have left at the same time and then turned up for the breakfast buffet the next day together.
*raises eyebrow*
Just how does Harry do it? Actually, we think it's pretty safe to say it's the hair: those curls really do know no bounds (or age limits).
Well, they do say the best place to pull is at a wedding and we wonder if Natalie caught the bouquet?
Natalie is twice Harry's age, so just his type. Copyright: [wenn]
When a reporter asked Natalie about her alleged evening with the One Direction star, she said: "Why are you asking me? Go ask him!"
However, when anyone tried, his people declined to comment.
Finally, One Direction just happened to perform a cover of Natalie's biggest hit, Torn at their iTunes Festival performance last night.
Coincidence or not, we certainly will be adding that to our portfolio of evidence…
We really are starting to lose count of the number of ladies that we have to photoshop hearts onto when it comes to Harry.

Just this week alone we have seen him give Pixie Geldof a lift in his Range Rover aka love mobile.
Then he went straight to watch Cara Delevigne in her fashion show and now he's wining and dining Natalie Imbruglia!
However, unlike Cara and Pixie, Natalie is actually twice his age, so just Harry's type then.
Harry has a famous history with cougars after famously dating Caroline Flack, admitting to fancying Carol Voderman and lest we forget his fling with married radio DJ Lucy Horobin.

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