Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Selena Gomez shows off her bikini bod, looks refreshingly normal!

Selena Gomez got out her bikini body on holiday in Miami yesterday and we couldn't help but think: doesn't she look refreshingly normal?
Selena is enjoying a hol in Miami the lucky thing. Copyright: [wenn]

We've got so used to gawping at superhuman celebs who plaster their perfected bods across Twitter (… *ahem*… Kim Kardashian) that we almost forgot what a normal bod looks like!
So we would like to thank Selena for proving that you can be a celeb and still look like a normal, albeit gorgeous, girl as well.

Plus, we just love Selena's turquoise bikini, which goes beautifully with her dark hair and olive skin.
Justin Bieber should be counting his lucky stars that he has managed to bag such a babe.
"Hi Justin, it's me Selena, are you really hanging out with 1D?!" Copyright: [wenn]
We reckon it is almost definitely him that she is chatting to on her phone: 'So Justin, tell me, is Harry Styles as good looking in person?!'.
However, we will admit that pics like this aren't overly helpful at this time of the day when we are just tucking into a chocolate croissant and totting up how many cocktails we really had last night.
We thought with Autumn nearing, the days of celebs in bikinis were nearing an end.
However, there is still enough sun left to squeeze in just a few more bikini shots before Christmas!

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