Friday, September 21, 2012

TOWIE’s Lucy Mecklenburgh wears lingerie to the Lingerie Awards

Lucy Mecklenburgh looks like she might have read her invite to the Lingerie Awards a little too literally last night.
OK, that's almost defintely not a dress. Copyright: [wenn]

The TOWIE star posed on the red carpet in what definitely looks like nothing more than underwear, albeit lovely underwear.
Well, to be fair, what else would you wear to the Lingerie Awards?! And while we are on the subject, just what are the categories?
'And now the award for this year's best knickers goes to…'
Back to Lucy's outfit, we swear we have something similar for when we want to be all sucked in underneath our LBD!

Maybe Lucy is making an ironic fashion statement?
We really hope she is.
However, we would almost definitely give Lucy one of omg!'s Lingerie Award (when we get round to having them), because she is rocking that corset like no one else!
Meanwhile, although fellow Lingerie supporter Sarah Harding chose to pose with a snake on the red carpet, Lucy settled for her man Mario Falcolne who was looking super sharp in his suit:
We think Mario should have worn his underwear seeing as Lucy wore hers. Copyright: [wenn]
However, we think as it was the annual Lingerie Awards Mario could have at least whipped off the suit and showed us his under crackers!
Still, maybe he is saving that for the Men's Pants Awards which almost definitely exist.

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