Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Pink takes daughter out in sunny New York

Pink and Willow Sage (© Rex)Pink and Willow Sage (© Rex)

Pink might have been worried about having a baby and becoming a mother but she needn't have worried: these pictures of her spending the day with her one-year-old daughter and husband show she couldn't be more of a natural!
Pink and Willow Sage (© Rex)
Pink and Willow Sage: aww!
The new mum (who certainly hasn't lost her fashion sense and unique style!) and her husband Carey Hart spent the day with their baby daughter in sunny New York and they couldn't have looked like a happier family unit if they tried.
We can't help but pretend we're not jealous of a few things: a) that they're enjoying much nicer autumn weather than we are and b) that Willow isn't our daughter!
Pink was spottef playing around with her 15-month-old daughter as well as letting Willow's dad Carey take over for a cuddle as they walked through Tribeca.
The mummy and daughter duo have just returned from a working trip to London, as the singer performed at the iTunes festival last week
Pink and Willow Sage (© Rex)Pink and Willow Sage (© Rex)

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