Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Kate Middleton and Prince William take style inspiration from Lady Gaga

ate Middleton and Prince William seem to have taken style inspiration from Lady Gaga on their tour of the Solomon Islands.
One does like a bit of Lady Gaga, one must admit. Copyright: [rex]

Yes, the islands are the next stop off of Prince Williams and Kate's Royal tour.
While Kate and Wills opted for more demure flower garland headdresses, we can't help but think they might have taken some inspiration from Lady Gaga at London Fashion Week.
Well, Kate and Lady G both are style icons so it's hardly surprising if they have been swapping fashion tips, we like to think they are mates and chat all the time.
One has the moves like Jagger. Copyright: [rex]
Also because we just love the idea of Prince William being a huge Lady Gaga fan and dad dancing round Buckingham Palace to Poker Face.
However, in all seriousness, the couple were wearing the headdresses as part of their stop off in the Solomon Islands where they were invited to join local tribes for a bit of a knees up.

Prince William did some excellent dancing at this point and Kate smiled as she did her best hula, and we think you might just be able to guess who is the best mover out of the pair!
Kate also joined in with a song-and-dance routine of 'Head, Feet and Toes' when the couple visited a school in the local area, showing that that is one smash hit that most definitely has gone global.
Meanwhile, William also tried out a local sport, which looked basically like a fast version of volleyball - and also chopped open a coconut with a machete!

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