Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Cheryl Cole buys Katy Perry a complete set of lifesize One Direction dolls… say, WHAT?!

Cheryl Cole is reported to have bought Katy Perry five life size One Direction dolls for her birthday.
Katy is appaz a HUGE One D fan, which is handy. Copyright: [wenn/rex]

At which point we have just a few things to say…
First of all, as if Katy Perry is a One D fan!?
Actually, stupid question: everyone is.
Second of all, who knew Katy Perry and Cheryl Cole were mates?
Third of all, this is easily the most random piece of celeb news since it broke Gary Barlow will be playing Postman Pat in a new film?

Apparently, it's some sort of 'in joke' between the pair however, we feel pretty in on it as we would LOVE a whole set of life size One D dolls.
Or would that be just a smidge creepy? We are still undecided here.
A source told The Sun: "Cheryl and Katy have become close since they appeared on The Graham Norton Show"
"Cheryl's been busy with her tour so she wanted to make sure she sent a present well in advance and let Katy know she was thinking of her."
Cool or just plain creepy?! Copyright: [wenn]
And what better way to show someone you miss them than present them with five One Direction mannequins:
"She knows what a big fan Katy is of the boys and how she has a major crush on all five of them so she knew Katy would love the dolls."
Now that is what we call a birthday present!
We wonder if next year Katy will get the real thing?

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