Monday, October 15, 2012

Kim Kardashian likes taking photos of herself, Kanye West makes sure no one else can

Kim Kardashian is prepping for Halloween rather early posting a s glimpse of her costume on where else but her Twitter page.
Kim is planning her costume early! Copyright: [Twitter]

Obviously, if you are Kim Kardashian then you want to look hot on Halloween and we think it's safe to say she has managed it.
However, we think Kim might have been taking a leaf out of the Mean Girls school of Haloween costumes, if you er, know what we mean.
Saying that, we are just surprised the reality star didn't just wear a black bikini with some ears and say she is a cat.

While Kim makes a lovely sexy leopard, we are almost definitely going as a fashionista panda to this year's party.
All we need now is to find someone to be our Rylan Clark.
However, while Kim loves a good old picture of herself, she isn't too hot on other people having a snap.
Not just anyone can take a snap of Kim K! Copyright: [Splash]
And that is where Kanye West handily comes in to defend his lady's honour.
The pair were out in LA last night when a lady paparazzo got all up in Kim's face at which point Kanye grabbed the camera.
The pap reportedly asked Kanye about Kim's ex, and we think she got just the reaction she wanted.
Kanye really is the ultimate proactive accessory, isn't he?

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