Saturday, October 20, 2012

Girls Aloud announce tour and unveil Something New video, we faint from excitement

So today saw the big Girls Aloud reunion that we've been waiting approximately three years for. And BOY was it worth the wait.

Girls AloudGirls Aloud are back together again. Copyright [Rex]
Girls Aloud announced that they'll be releasing a greatest hits album featuring four brand new tracks in November, before going on tour in the spring. Oh and they also unveiled the video for Something New as well.
And we were there to hear/see it all.
Looking absolutely stunning, Girls Aloud strutted into the room - and it was like they'd never been away.
After answering questions about their new single, Cheryl Cole let the cat out of the bag by mentioning the tour.
Girls AloudGirls Aloud have confirmed a new tour and album. Copyright [Rex]Cue us containing our squeals.
The girls revealed that they can't wait to get back on stage for the tour which kicks of in February.
Kimberley Walsh said: "Touring is one of the things we all enjoy the most."
Cheryl Cole agreed, saying: "Touring is the best thing we do full stop."
Girls AloudGirls Aloud have a last minute huddle backstage before their announcement. Copyright [Girls Aloud]They went on to reveal that they love hanging out on their tour bus, but the antics sound quite tame. Cheryl confessed that her tour must-haves bags and Hobnobs.
We were also surprised to hear that Girls Aloud began recording new material in the spring, but managed to keep it all under wraps.
Cheryl said that managing to keep the recording a secret was a big achievement for them.
Girls ALoudGirls Aloud are back! Hooray! Copyright [WENN]The stunner said: "We have been socialising the whole time, so it wasn't like we had been apart for three years. But it was emotional to talk about the fact that we are ten years down the line. We had a chat in a hotel over tea - we were very cloak and dagger for a while."
And what's more, the girls held their reunion in the very same hotel that they stayed in on the night that Girls Aloud were first formed. Bet that was a blast from the past for them!
Girls Aloud finished the press conference by revealing that they were unsure what'll happen once the tour is over.
Girls AloudGirls Aloud at their announcement. Copyright [WENN]Despite Cheryl Cole saying in her autobiography that she thinks the album and tour will signal the end of the group, the rest of the girls seemed to disagree.
Nadine Coyle said: "Coming back together and being back int the studio and having all our voices on a track together is just so amazing. We will just have to wait and see how the fans react and how everything goes."
There's still hope, then. Hooray.
We're now off to have a little lie down.

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