Friday, October 19, 2012

Mario and Lucy's engagement is off and Arg goes on a blind date

Strange things happened in TOWIE. Joey Essex and Lydia were Essex middlemen, Gemma Collins called someone else's relationship a joke and Mario turned up in the buff to break off his engagement with Lucy.
The Essex lot enjoyed being involved in each other's business tonight. First Joey Essex spoke with Arg's mystery date on the phone, before Lydia chatted to Mario about Lucy. Eventually, Mario and Lucy decided to meet, where Mario made the mistake of telling Lucy he "can't stand" Lydia. He then started picking at his Jimmy Choos - how many more mistakes could the boy make in one episode?

Mario Falcone.Possibly a metaphor for laying everything out bare and stripping off all problems, Mario arrived in the buff to cook (how unhygienic), talk to Lucy and break off the engagement. It's not all over though as the pair are back to being plain old boyfriend and girlfriend. Lucy gets to keep the ring and have a new one for engagement take two, the lucky lass. However, we hope she made Mario promise never to leave the house with Bieber hair again.

Joey Essex might be scouted for the new series of 'Blind Date' after setting up Arg with an old school friend. Essex's new Cilla Black arranged the date with Jasmine and while the two had a few things in common, Arg's chat about his Kenny award (he sounded like a proud eight year old) killed whatever spark there may have been. Better luck next time Arg. Maybe your online dating profile will have more hits next week?

After arriving back to TOWIE in style on the dry ski slope, Ricky 'proposed' Jess took a key to his house - down on one knee, box in hand, with a terrified looking Jess. The pair seemed very loved up with no drama in sight (for now).

All is well in Essex. Arg finally got his Playstation back from Gemma (albeit with no cables), Ricky and Jess are all loved up and Lucy and Mario are happy back as boyfriend and girlfriend. However, it probably won't last. Tune in on Sunday, ITV2 at 10pm for more TOWIE.

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