Monday, October 15, 2012

Peter Andre and Amy Childs get us pulling our biggest omg! faces EVER? *ultimate shocked face*

Peter Andre and Amy Childs had us pulling our biggest omg! faces this weekend after they turned up unannounced to omg!'s photo booth at Westfield shopping centre.

Pete has been surprising fans all day! Copyright: [omg!]

Amy Childs and Harry DerbidgePete left us all *gasping* when he turned up to shock fans who thought they were just going in our booth to have a quick photo taken.
Well, after all: what would be better to guarantee an omg! face than to chuck a celeb in the booth?

Plus, to make it an even huger omg! moment how about we don't tell the innocent shoppers anyone is in the booth, let alone Mr Peter Andre?
So yes, that's exactly what has been going on at Westfield all weekend.
Come down to Westfield and pull your best omg! face. Copyright: [omg!]
We've been standing outside and can confirm there have been plenty of *screams* loads of *shocked faces* and even, very nearly, a few *faints*.
Amy Childs was joined by her cousin, Harry Derbidge for more photobombing fun on Sunday. The pair told us before heading into the booth that they couldn't wait to surprise fans with their favourite catchphrases: "Shut up!" and "Well jel."
They also told us that omg! is a perfect fit, because they use the phrase all the time.
You see, it's all part of our *amaze* competition to win a whopping £3000 ASOS vouchers just by pulling your best omg! face, at Westfield or at home.
What better way to guarantee and omg! face than chuck in Peter Andre?! Copyright: [omg!]
You don't have to be here to win and can enter the comp just by pulling your omg! face here.
Plus, make sure you come down tomorrow as who knows who might be hiding in our omg! booth?
*cough* TOWIE *cough*
For more information on our comp log on to our Facebook app.

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