Monday, October 15, 2012

X Factor: Rebecca Ferguson debuts her full body vajazzle

Rebecca Ferguson had eyes popping out of heads across the nation yesterday when she stepped out on stage at The X Factor Results Show.
Is that Beyonce? Oh wait, it's Rebecca Ferguson! Copyright: [rex]

To summarise: she looked *amaze*.
Just when did Rebecca Ferguson turn into such a sex kitten?
We had to stop live tweeting for a couple of seconds just to gather our thoughts and pick our jaws back up.

It takes quite a lady to pull off a full body vajazzling but Rebecca might as well wear hers full time, she looks so hot.
Sasha Fierce *ahem* Rebecca has a word with Dermy. Copyright: [rex]
However, we do think she would get some funny looks in Nandos and you hardly want passers by drooling all over your Peri Peri, would you?
In the words of one man we watched the show with: 'I'd love to crack a nut between those sparkly thighs'.
We believe he speaks for a nation.
This is most definitely Rebeccaa's Sasha Fierce who we reckon might just coincidentally be Beyonce.
We wonder if Zayn Malik was sitting at home drooling and imagining what could have been?
Plus, we don't want to have a little slip up a la Tulisa, but we can't leave this story without saying MILF at least once…
Now let's all go buy Rebecca's single, NOW!

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