Friday, July 20, 2012

American torchbearer’s spelling mistake on tattoo

A 54 year old lady who carried the London 2012 Olympic Torch in Derbyshire was so taken by the experience she decided commemorate the moment with a special tattoo. However, she unfortunately chose a tattooist who could not spell the word Olympics.
American Jerri Peterson from Atlanta got the tattoo while still in States and it was only later that she realised the tattoo artist had written 'Oylmpic torch bearer' by mistake.
She told the BBC, "I always wanted to have a tattoo but I never quite felt passionate about any one thing to have it put on my body permanently. So when I was selected for this wonderful honour, I thought 'that's it - I'm ready to have my tattoo'."
Peterson then excitedly sent a photograph of the tattoo to friends, before one of them pointed out the embarrassing gaffe.
"I looked at it and I was so disappointed. I called my husband and he giggled a little bit," she said philosophically. "Then I started laughing about it and I've laughed ever since."
Peterson has been laughing so much that she is not even going to correct the tattoo.
"(The tattoo artist) felt so bad when he found out," she added. "He wanted to fix it but I decided I want to keep it. It's fine. It's the Oy-lmpics - it's as unique as I am."
Peterson carried the torch on June 30 after being rewarded by her firm with a place in the relay thanks to her charity work.

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