Monday, July 16, 2012

Cheryl Cole won’t dish the dirt on Ashley in autobiography

When we heard that Cheryl Cole was officially releasing her tell-all autobiography this autumn, our first thought was that we'd get to the bottom of what happened with Ashley Cole.
Cheryl Cole won't be dishing the dirt on Ashley in her new bookCheryl Cole won't be dishing the dirt on Ashley in her new book. However, it's now been suggested that Cheryl Cole won't be dishing any dirt on Ashley, and in fact will dedicate just four pages to her ex husband.

Four pages?! That pretty much equates to a page for each year of their marriage, which frankly isn't quite enough gossip for our liking.
A source said: "Cheryl won't be writing much at all about her marriage.
"She will be penning her opinions about her and Ashley but there will be no more sordid revelations. Her fans might have been hoping for some real fireworks and her laying into Ashley but it won't be happening.
Cheryl and Ashley ColeCheryl and Ashley Cole during their marriage. "Instead she will be concentrating on her working life, her time with Girls Aloud and her years on The X Factor."
Apparently, Ashely Cole's legal team will even get to run their eyes over the book to make sure they're satisfied before it's published.
However, Simon Cowell is apparently 'in for a kicking' in the book.
The source said: "There is no way that Simon will come out of this unscathed. He's fair game to Cheryl after what he allowed to be written about her."
We cannot wait.

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