Monday, July 16, 2012

Kim Kardashian shows off boobs in amazing swimming costume *fans self*

Kim Kardashian certainly knows how to get us girl crushing. Not content with tweeting a bikini photo last week, Kimmy K has stripped off again.
Kim Kardashian in a swimming costumeKim Kardashian looked amazing in her swimming costume. 
Kim Kardashian tweeted a photo of herself in a very revealing swimming costume, showing off her boobs and legs to perfection.

Kim teamed her swimming costume with a pair of killer black and white heels, and got her best serious pose on for the snap. Natch.
A bit later on, Kim Kardashian covered up her curves in a patterned kaftan and did a bit more posing on the front of a yacht.
Despite clearly having an amazing body, Kim recently admitted that she's not entirely happy with her appearance.
The reality TV star said: "Well, no, I'm such a perfectionist I don't think I'm ever really comfortable."
Kim Kardashian in a swimming costumeKim Kardashian then tweeted this showing her a bit more covered up.She went on to confess the part of her body she dislikes the most, saying: "My thighs, I still have some cellulite."
Err, we can't see any Kim.
The star revealed just how she keeps in shape, saying: ""I think it's a combination. I don't eat as good, I work out all the time. So when I train myself to like eat healthier then I obviously look better."
She continued: "Then I do a little quick trim cleanse - especially right before bikini seasons or before shoots - to just kind of get me to stop eating so bad and to motivate me."

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