Friday, July 20, 2012

Fearne Cotton loves Anne Hathaway, wish we could say the same about her sunglasses

Not exactly dressing for the weather, eh Fearne Cotton?
Sun or no sun, we're just not sure about those glasses. Copyright: [rex]
Despite the fact it was as grey as George Clooney's hair outside, Fearne Cotton rocked up to the Radio One studios today in some sunglasses more suited to Ibiza than a muggy London.
There must be an explanation, maybe she was hung over and wanted to hide a pair of puffy peepers? Perhaps she has a sty in her eye? Who knows?
All we know is, sun or no sun, we are not so keen on them.
It's the weird round framed sunglasses we just can't make our minds up on.
We want to like them, really we do, but they just look so… odd and kind of like they should be in a fancy dress box.
It really is such a shame as that is one cracking outfit, we absolutely love the dress and the pink pumps.
We are just sad she chose to go so super cool shoulders down, so John Lennon at a neon rave shoulders up.

We just hope her sunglasses manage to bring out the sun out then we might like them a bit more.
However, while we disagree with Fearne on the sunnies front, we do agree with her recent obsession with Anne Hathaway.
It seems both us and Fearne share a mutual love for the Batman actress, after Fearne tweeted:
"I'm officially in love with Anne Hathaway. Just interviewed her and the lovely Joseph Gordon Levitt and they are wonderful #gush."
So darn pretty. We LOVE her and so does Fearne! Copyright:[wenn]
Aww. Perhaps they could be mates and go shopping to buy Fearne some new sunglasses?
And since Fearne brought him up, we can gladly confirm Joseph Gordon-Levitt most definitely IS wonderful.
We got to speak to him at the Dark Knight Rises premiere, even if he didn't laugh at our jokes.

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