Friday, July 20, 2012

Spice Girls to perform at London 2012 Olympics closing ceremony? *squeals*

Despite their reunion tour in 2007, we still have a hankering to see the Spice Girls perform together again. They were notably absent from the Queen's Jubilee Concert, and we were pretty gutted.
The Spice Girls at the launch of Viva ForeverThe Spice Girls are said to be close to confirming a performance at the Olympics.However, it seems that we may just get the Spice Girls back on stage for the London 2012Olympics closing ceremony.

We're already dusting off our union jack dress, practicing our 'girl power' signs and screaming out zig a zig ah.
In fact, we feel like we might need to have a little lie down until we've collected ourselves.
The Spice Girls are apparently 95% certain that they'll perform at the Olympics closing ceremony.
The Spice Girls reunion tourThe Spice Girls were last together on stage at their reunion concerts in 2007.A source revealed: "The girls were approached for the Games two years ago. It's always been on the cards.
"Victoria is in London until the end of the Games and David's exclusion from the football team means she has time to reunite with the Spice Girls."
It was widely believed that it was Victoria Beckham who was refusing to reunite with the rest of the Spice Girls, what with her pretty successful fashion career and four sprogs taking up quite a lot of her time.
The Spice GirlsThe Spice Girls at the launch of Viva Forever. However, it seems she's done a bit of a U turn, saying recently: "I'm so respectful of my past and I love the other girls.
"We have some fantastic fans. Who knows, maybe some day we'll do something else with the Spice Girls. I would love nothing more.
"I don't know about a comeback tour but I loved being back with the girls."
Well, a comeback tour would be amazing, but we will happily settle for a performance at the Olympics.
Now, confirm it girls.

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