Friday, July 20, 2012

Excuse us Keira Knightley, that doesn’t look like your boyfriend

When pictures landed of Keira Knightley and this serious PDA we gasped. We swear someone even shouted: "Keira Knightley put that man down or we will tell your fiance!".
Put that man down, Keira! Copyright: [wenn]
Ms Knightley has not just a boyfriend, but a fiance and it sure isn't this young man!
Alas, no of course, you probably guessed it: Keira was filming for her new film and the man is question is her co-star, Mark Ruffalo.
So no, she isn't off snogging other men. She is happily engaged to James Righton. Duh!
Still, it must be pretty weird having a job which involves kissing fit men who don't belong to you.

The pair were filming for the Brit actress' upcoming film 'Can a Song Save Your Life?' In which Keira plays a struggling musician.
In the film, Keira's character moves to New York to carve a successful music career with her fellow musician boyfriend.
However, the boyf reckons he would be better off solo so dumps poor Keira and the film follows what happens next.
And what happens next is that Keira's character stumbles across this man, and judging by these snaps, the pair seem to get on just fine.
Phew! It's only for a film! Copyright: [wenn]
However, we are more interested in who dumped her because he is played by the super hot Maroon 5 front man, Adam Levine.
Anyone else wish he was their boyfriend? Copyright: [wenn]
Adam up on the big screen? We most definitely cannot wait to see that! Plus, that also means that Keira probably got to snog the face off him too.
Some girls have all the luck.

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