Monday, July 16, 2012

A week in style

Kal Di Paola, the managing director of BuyMyWardrobe, reveals the fashion hits and misses

Kal Di Paola, the managing director of BuyMyWardrobe, reveals the fashion hits and misses.
Kal says: 'Michelle Keegan is a HIT! Perfect pins for skintight 'Sandy' jeans and the white shirt combo is right on trend... hot hot hot.'

Kal says: 'Anne Hathaway is another hit, carrying off effortless chic with style.'

Kal says: 'Diane Kruger looks fabulous in the figure-hugging gown but fails miserably with the lilac maxi and kimono top. A total miss for that outfit.'

Kal says: 'Lady Gaga plays by her own rules so what can I say - don't try this at home.'

Kal says: 'Mollie King has to be a miss for me. It's a cute top but looks way too conservative paired with cropped black trousers. She should have more fun with her style!'

Kal says: 'Tulisa's outfit is a fashion miss for me. The cropped top, miniskirt and sleeveless jacket show way too much skin - but I guess FHM would approve.'

Kal says: 'Vanessa Paradis is oh-so's just so effortless.'

Kal says: 'This is a great colour and shape on Serena Williams, it takes the edge off her sporty physic. Glam!'

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