Friday, August 21, 2009

5 Things Women Wear That Guys May Pretend to Hate But Secretly Like

There are a lot of things I pretend to find distasteful when it comes to what women wear and how they choose to look... that I actually kind of like. Here are five...

Some of them are strippery, some of them are trying too hard to be "classy" (see the manicure below). All are things that I am embarrassed to admit that I like:

1. Bleach-blonde hair
I actually wouldn’t mind if Blossoms went for it, in that kind of bad-ass, I’m not even pretending this is my real color, way.
2. French Manicures
I wouldn’t want Blossoms to get one. They seem like they're trying too hard to be quote unquote classy. (I despise the word classy.) But I’d be lying if I said I always hated them.
3. High-riding thongs
Again, they don't scream ‘girlfriend material.’ But they do scream.
4. Lower-Back Tattoos
I know they’re not actually rebellious at this point, and they can seem cheap (my friend Mindy calls them tramp stamps). But I still have a weakness.
5. Black bras under white t’s
This is a look I like on pretty much any woman occasionally. Very Madonna circa ‘Desperately Seeking Susan.’

Do you like that stuff? Do you hate me now?

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