Friday, August 21, 2009

Best and Worst Dressed Real Housewives

Which housewife has the fiercest shoes and which wife needs to dial down the glitz? Kelly Killoren Bensimon sizes up her Bravo cast-mates and reveals her own worst-dressed moment (Hint: think knee-socks and the same time).

We love these shows because each cast member has a completely different style to flaunt. According to Kelly, the ladies of The OC have a tendency to layer on a little too much, from color to accessories to bags to diamonds. Her advice? “Bring it down a notch. Take off a necklace, take off an earring,” she says. But Jeana gets Kelly’s thumbs up for her “very appropriate” choices.

Lisa is Kelly’s pick for the best dressed of the Atlanta wives— she especially loves her “hot yellow shoes.” (Not a surprise. We’ve seen Kelly’s closet and a pair of neon pink stilettos are one of her most prized possessions!)

The Jersey girls all have “beautiful skin and beautiful hair” but too much going on in the accessories department, for Kelly. That being said, it’s feisty Teresa, who gets Kelly’s ‘best’ nod. “She has fun,” says Kelly, “I like that she wears clothes that are sexy but also conducive to being a mother.”

When it comes to the ladies of New York City, Kelly thinks Jill Zarin dresses the best for her body type. In our opinion, Kelly’s eclectic style is the most fun and flattering. But sometimes, even Kelly admits, a few of her more experimental outfits miss the mark. Her biggest fashion 'don’t' to date she says was the time she wore a body suit with shorts, a grosgrain belt, knee-socks, and patent leather shoes. We'd have to agree with her there.

Thankfully, Kelly confirms that she'll be returning for another season this fall--we can't wait to see what she'll be wearing.

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