Friday, August 21, 2009

You Know He's Mr. Wrong When...

He may look good in the box, but sometimes "Mr. Right" turns into "Mr. Right-About-Now-Would-Be-a-Good-Time-to-Leave." We asked women on the iVillage message boards for foolproof signs of a Romeo gone renegade. Some of our favorite responses:

getty images

getty images

1. He gives you a Chia Pet for Christmas.

2. He “forgets” to bring money on your first date.

3. He thinks you’ll be impressed when he tells you his ex-girlfriends were hot.

4. He’s had more jobs in the last few years than you have pairs of shoes.

5. His idea of celebrating your birthday doesn’t involve you.

6. He paints his body for major sporting events.

7. His mom calls to help patch things up when you’re in a fight with him.

8. His idea of gourmet cooking is thawing a frozen pizza.

9. He picks you up for an 8pm date… at 1am.

10. You’re constantly making excuses for why he “really is” Mr. Right when he’s really acting like a jerk.

What would tell you that a man is Mr. Wrong? For more dating advice see here.

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