Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Amy Childs talks boob job and new boyfriend, someone’s happy

It was no secret that Amy Childs hated her cleavage before her second boob job a couple of weeks ago.
Amy ChildsAmy Childs has spoken out about her boob job. Copyright [PA]But now that Amy Childs has gone under the knife again, it seems that she's very happy with her new boobs.
Amy has explained that she hated her 'saggy' boobs before she had the op. The reality TV star said: "OMG, they were so saggy. People were saying they were fine but they didn't see what I was like without a bra."
She continued: "I would wear a lot of padding. I had padding in everything — my bras, bikinis. Now I don't need it."
Amy Childs David PetersAmy Childs with her new boyfriend, David Peters. Copyright [WENN]However, it's not just her new boobs which have put a smile on Amy's face recently. She seems pretty smitten with new boyfriend David Peters, too.
Despite only getting together a month ago, David has joined Amy at the opening of Harry Derbidge's new shop as well as on a family camping trip.
Amy Childs has also revealed that David is 'different' to any guy she's been with before.
She said: "I've had boyfriends that treated me well, but he is different. I can't explain it,' she said.
"We're really getting on. It's still early days, like it's only been a month, but I do really like him."

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