Friday, July 27, 2012

Jodie Marsh’s bikini body thanks to protein shakes rather than Pina Coladas

Another celeb is on holiday and this time it's Jodie Marsh.
Jodie is on holiday. We are not. Not FAIR! Copyright: [twitter/jodiemarsh]
Honestly, summer just seems like a bikini clad celebrity conveyor belt over here.
While we are still sat behind our desks dreaming of a bit of sun, off they go cavorting round in their bikinis tweeting pics to make us all stuck here proper jel.
However, we don't mind — just as long as we get to gawp at the pictures.
Jodie did lots of tweeting from the beach. Copyright: [twitter/jodiemarsh]
And one lady we will never tire of gawping at is Ms Jodie Marsh.
Although her bod now features more ink than a copy of 50 Shades of Grey, she does have an amazing body, and she obviously puts loads of work into it.
Even on holiday! Yep, although she is off chilling in the Caribbean Jodie remembered to pack one thing very important to her — her protein shakes!
Would have rather had a Sea Breeze. Copyright: [twitter/jodiemarsh]
She tweeted: "And yes I'm still drinking my coffee flavour protein shake on the beach. Haha x x x"
C'mon Jodie, your on your hols now, surely you deserve a break?
We reckon she should relax and order a Pina Colada asap.

Jodie is having a great time on her jollies, she even tweeted that she doesn't want to come home!
"I'm buying a jet ski and gonna rent it out for a living. Someone tell my mum I'm not coming home ;-) x"
And later: "I'm never leaving this beach again ;-)".
To be honest, when we do eventually go on holiday this year, we will be tweeting exactly the same thing. Minus the protein shakes.

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