Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Rihanna has secret party with Chris Brown on a yacht (a week after she did same with Drake)

Rihanna may know how to party but we're not sure we'll be following her lead by inviting an ex along for the ride!
rihanna chris brownRihanna and Chris Brown had a secret meeting in St Tropez this weekend. 

But that's exactly what she did as Rihanna and Chris Brown enjoyed a secret liaison aboard a huge yacht this weekend.
The Sun report the former flames met in St Tropez where RiRi has been holidaying with Chris flying by private jet and helicopter, what else?, and hiring his own super yacht to be next to the Bajan beauty.
rihannaRihanna has been chilling out on the French coast. 
A source told the paper: "Chris wanted to see Rihanna. They have this weird addiction to each other and can't seem to stay away.
"She was really happy when he arrived. She spent all evening getting ready to see him.
They waited till night so no one saw them.
"She went to his yacht, which they moved to a secluded bay. They've been through a lot, but still have strong feelings for each other."
rihannaRihanna looks as if she's having plenty of fun in the sun. 
We can imagine trying to get over a girl of Rihanna's caliber must be near impossible so it's not hard to see the reason why he wanted a piece of the party action with her.
The newspaper reports Chris' main motive for the trip was when he heard his arch enemy, Drake joined Rihanna last week and they had some fun in the sun.
Although Chris made it a bit of a boys trip roping in rappers Swizz Beatz and Ludacris for the holiday.
It won't be all work and no play though, the trio plan to film a music video while they're out there too.
Sure thing, it sounds like hard work to us, (erm, yeah right!)

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