Thursday, July 26, 2012

Kerry Katona is a lady who likes to party, even on a school night!

Kerry Katona was out and about last night and, judging by these snaps, is probably in bed craving a bacon sarnie right now.
Kerry looked a little wobbly leaving the club. Copyright: [wenn]
To be fair, she had been at a party not a church.
Still it is fun to have a giggle at a tipsy celeb, gets us through the day nicely.
We are just jealous because if we party on a Wednesday night, we pay for it at our desks on Thursday.
If we were celebs we would almost certainly party every single night of the year. Even Christmas Day.
We all need a mate like this guy. Copyright: [wenn]
Kerry's mate appeared to have to help her walk straight as they left the club. However, we would probably need holding up if we left a club to 50 million flash bulbs going off.

Nonetheless, that's what mates are for, isn't it? To hold you up with on arm and hold your handbag in the other hand, hold on to that one Kezzah!
Hands up who hasn't ended up on one of these? Copyright: [wenn]
Kerry and another mate then jumped on a rickshaw and headed off for a bit to eat. Wouldn't be surprised if that 'bite' was a kebab.
Hands up who hasn't ended up on one of those contraptions after a night out? Taxis just seem so boring after 4 pints of vodka, right?
This story just makes us love Kerry a little bit more than we did before, and also kind of want to hit the town with her!

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