Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Eek! TOWIE’s Gemma Collins and James Argent describe the first time they had sex..!

TOWIE's Gemma Collins and  James Argent are one couple we have taken a while to get used to.
He finally got that candy!
And we think the same will go for these quotes.
Finally, the couple have come out and talked openly about their relationship. Very  openly. In fact, maybe, a bit TOO openly.
Especially for this early in the morning!
The pair have discussed all sorts of cheeky stuff— from what Arg makes of Gemma's famous curves to in depth details about their sex life.
They are keen to end the speculation that they aren't authentic and convince us all that their relationship is very real.
And after this, honestly we believe them, we do.
Talking about the first time they had sex, Essex boy Arg admits he finally did 'get that candy'!
He says: "It was in Marbella the night after she'd done her big dramatic bit about me not getting 'this candy'. I said "will you come back to my hotel room?" I knew she was going to come - she was trying to play it cool."
One of TOWIE's most talked about couples.
He continued: "We had a couple of drinks but we weren't drunk. We got to my hotel room and she made me go downstairs and get her a brandy and coke. I came upstairs and she's lying in bed in her silk and lace…"
However, Gemma admits she was nervous:  "I was nervous because something was just different. I was thinking "am I doing the right thing here?" He was very persuasive."
So what happened next? Arg says: "She was playing the Backstreet Boys! It was magic."
OK, so while we are not the biggest Backstreet Boys fans, don't knock it 'til you've tried it we guess? Actually no, we think we will pass...
However, the Backstreet Boys must have done the trick as it seems things are going particularly well in that department, with Arg admitting: "It's the best sex I've ever had."

On Gemma's bod, Arg told says: "I think both me and her would lose ourselves if we lost weight - if she wasn't big bubbly Gemma people wouldn't relate to her as much and I love her as she is. When I lost weight I got all cocky."
Gemma added: "Of course I'd like a miracle pill to make me a size 14 but I'm happy as I am and know it suits me."
And judging by the snap above, Gemma is looking fantastic!
But what about when the clothes come off?
Asked what it was like when Arg saw her naked for the first time. Gemma revealed: "I was self-conscious, even though I can be confident I do get a bit shy in front of him sometimes."
Gemma even goes as far to say that Arg is the perfect man for her!
She told the mag: "He's perfect. We've just got that chemistry. We're like magnets."
We really do wish them the best of luck however, might suggest updating the saucy playlist for next time!

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