Monday, August 3, 2009

Oh great, a new demeaning term for women: Introducing TWITs (Teenage Women In their Thirties)

We don't know about you, but we are sick to death of media adopted negative connotations for women like "MILF," "cougar" and "puma," that don't seem to be going anywhere. (Even Michelle Pfiffer hates being called a cougar!) We don't see anything wrong with May-December romances as long as they're legal, and we are tired of seeing age constraints placed on females are they mature. One Australian newspaper has come up with an irritating acronym for the female equivalent of a guy with Peter Pan syndrome. According to The Herald Sun, WITs, or Teenage Women in their Thirties, opt to go out and party rather than settle down with a man and have kids.
Rebecca Michael/Hearald SunRebecca Michael/Hearald Sun

While we do see a shift in society towards growing up at a slightly slower pace, since when does every woman have to get married and have children? Plenty of women are focused on getting their careers on track, maintaining a hot and healthy body, and enjoying their single lifestyles well into their thirties--or perhaps even longer. Why is that something that should be labeled negatively?

The paper interviewed 30-something fashion model Kelly Johns. "People have a perception of me as being young and fun and when I tell them my age it changes the way they see me," she said. "I am here to have good clean fun, party it up and live my life. If I found the right man I would settle down and have kids, but I am not going to sit around at home waiting." Sounds like the right attitude to us!

Do you think that there are certain guidelines women should adhere to once they reach their thirties? Do you think people should be able to move at their own pace or do you look down upon older women who are not in serious relationships or looking to start a family?

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